We assume that it is better for all pilots doing Tricks Party to have the same set of Imposed Tricks all over the world.

In 2017, these are the 10 tricks we will use, picking out 4 on competition day:

Imposed Tricks 2017
Two Points Landing (2) Straight line entry. Decisive landing on both wingtips simultaneously. Held in this position on the ground for minimum two seconds.
Spike (3) Vertical entry. Clear and decisive stab. Held stable on the spiked wingtip for minimum two seconds.
Lewis (3) No break between Yo-Yo and lazy susan. Nose-up exit. As an imposed trick: nose up entry (just like the Yoyo).
Taz Machine (4) Horizontal entry. Horizontal exit in opposite direction. Flat rotation. Only two inputs.
540 (3) Straight line vertical entry. Flare is flat, as well as the rotation for the full 540°. Out is straight upwards.
Duplex (4)

Same speed throughout this trick, no pause between parts, flat backspin rotations, flic-flac in a vertical line, no drifting sideways, 3 visible rotations, deliberate OUT.

Flic Flac (2)

Minimum three sequences. Constant speed and movement in one vertical line. Parallel position to the ground in both PANCAKE and FADE. No over-rotating.

Rolling Cascade (3) Minimum three half rotations (e.g., right, left, right). Constant speed. Vertical (straight-line) descent. 5 half rotations for high score.
Multi Yoyo (5) Minimum 3 yoyos. Straight vertical line. Continuity. OUT is straight unrolling UP.
Yoyo Take-off (4) Clean roll-up in a vertical (straight-line). The wingtips must not touch the ground.Vertical line of flight rolled up. Vertical (straight-line) unroll.



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