We assume that it is better for all pilots doing Tricks Party to have the same set of Imposed Tricks all over the world.

In 2019, these are the 10 tricks we will use in Tricks Party (Classic), picking out 4 on competition day:

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Imposed Tricks 2019
Fade (1) Clean entry and decisive exit. Stability (no pronounced tilt or wobble). Held for minimum two seconds. 5 seconds for a higher score.
Axel (2) Stall. Flat, full 360° rotation. Nose-up entry and exit.
Rolling Susan (2) Horizontal entry. Flat rotation. Horizontal exit. No loss of height.
Kombo (2) Vertical line down. Rotation close to the ground. Clear two-point landing.
Reverse Rolling (3) Horizontal IN and OUT, Flat rotation, no height loss. OUT direction is opposite to IN.
Backspins (3) Minimum three rotations. Even, consistent and flat rotations. Control of OUT. On the spot.
Reversed Coin Toss (3) Both tip stands held minimum 2 seconds. Flat rotation. Quick landing after the rotation.
Comete (4) Minimum three rotations. Constant speed. A straight line down.
Backspin Cascade (4) Minimum three rotations (e.g., right, left, right). Constant speed. Even, consistent and flat rotations. On the spot.
Yoyo Multilazy (5) No break between Yo-Yo and Lazy Susans. Nose-up entry and exit. Minimum three flat Lazy Susan rotations. 5 for a higher score.



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