We assume that it is better for all pilots doing Tricks Party to have the same set of Imposed Tricks all over the world.

As we had no competition in 2020 and 2021, we will use that list for 2022  :-)

In 2021, these are the 10 tricks we will use in Tricks Party (Classic and North), picking out 4 on competition day:

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Imposed Tricks 2021
540 Mutex (4) Straight vertical line flic-flac. The 540 rotation is flat. Out is straight upwards. No pause between flic-flac and 540.
Cascade (2) Minimum three Half Axels (wingtips vertical!). Constant speed. Vertical (straight-line) descent. Horizontal entry and exit. 5 Half Axels for an EXCELLENT score.
Coin Toss (2) Quick landing after the rotation. Stability of the kite on either wingtip. Held for minimum two seconds on final wingtip. 2 seconds tipstand before and after the rotation.
Comete (4) Minimum three rotations. Constant speed. A straight line down.
Flapjack (2) Rotation close to the ground. Clear two-point landing. The Backflip is immediatly after the launch.
Half Axel (1) Clean half-turn. Horizontal entry and exit.
Insane (1) Minimum three rotations. Constant speed and movement. Vertical (straight line) descent. Five rotations for EXCELLENT score.
Jacobs Ladder (3) Minimum three full rungs. Smoothness. Higher score when done low.  EXCELLENT only when there are 5 full rungs. No drifting sideways.
Puddle (1) Minimum three Half Axels (wingtips vertical!). Constant speed. On the spot.  Horizontal entry and exit. 5 Half Axels for an EXCELLENT score.
Slotmachine (3) Horizontal entry. Flat rotation. Horizontal exit. No loss of height.


Older lists for imposed tricks:

2020/2021/2022  the above list.

2019: Fade, Axel, Rolling Susan, Kombo, Reverse Rolling, Backspins, Reversed Coin Toss, Comete, Backspin Cascade, Yoyo Multilazy.

2018: 540, Cascade, Coin Toss, Lazy Susan, Lewis, Side Slide, Slotmachine, Taz Machine, Turtle, Yoyo

2017: Two Points Landing, Spike, Lewis, Taz Machine, 540, Duplex, Flic Flac, Rolling Cascade, Multi Yoyo, Yoyo Take-off

2016: Backspin Cascade, Cascade Comete, Fade, Flapjack, Kombo, Multilazy, Multislot, Rolling Cascade, Stop (snapstall), Yoyo Take-off

earlier lists are lost in the mists of time   ;-)



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