Whenever we know about an official Tricks Party competition,

we'll try to put up the date in time, so people can participate.

We also going to publish the results  onwards from 2016 (but did include the TP at Portiragnes 2014)

 Upcoming Tricks Party competitions:

Zeebrugge (Belgium) Saturday May 5th 2018

Zeebrugge (Belgium) Sunday May 6th 2018



Portiragnes (France) 2017 September Masters (no TP)

Den Helder (The Netherlands) 2017 Sunday September 3th

Bray-Dunes (France) 2017 Saturday June 3th

Zeebrugge (Belgium) 2017 Sunday May 7th

Portiragnes (France) 2016 September - Masters competition (no TP)

Narbonne (France) 2016 Saturday May 28th

Bray-Dunes (France) 2016 Sunday May 15th

Zeebrugge 2016 Sunday May 1st

Zeebrugge 2016 Saturday April 30th

Portiragnes (France) 2015 September - Masters competition (no TP)

Portiragnes (France) 2014 September



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