April 9, 2021

It will be no surprise, Tricks Party 2021 will be another year without competitions. Nothing can be done about that, we are better safe and fortunately can still practice our sport on an individual basis. It is a pity that the social aspect is disappearing, the direct contact on the kite field anyway. It will get better over time and next year it will definitely be with competition(s) again!
And then there is the news that R-sky (the French kite builder) has stopped developing, producing and selling two-line sport kites. On the one hand, it is a pity that the knowledge and experience gained is being lost, on the other hand, the perception of a conflict of interest in organizing competitions is now unfounded.

September 25, 2020

Someone dropped a video in Facebook and asked what trick he was doing.

This happened to be a trick we didn't had a video for, so we're happy to have the link to that video in our website

(and here: Torpille )

June 4, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, kite flying and related activities got cancelled for a couple of months.

We should have had the 15th (!) Tricks Party in Belgium, but alas...

Meanwhile, we hope everyone is staying in good health.

A good thing we have Youtube, Facebook and all the other ways to keep us busy, looking at all the old pictures and video's.

We'll be back!

January 30, 2019

From now on, Tricks Party competitions in France will be without the Imposed tricks and the Free expression.

So a competition is just the ballet, with 9 self chosen tricks.

We will add the trick " Puddle " to the list soon.

Meanwhile, the north of Europe continues to update the format,

to stop confusion we will call that Tricks Party North, or TPN for short.

They will add 10 new tricks (combinations), reduce the number of groups and still use the Imposed Tricks, but also drop the Free Expression


Oktober 28, 2018

As in every sport, standing still isn't the way to keep a format alive and kicking.

The pilots and kites got better over the years, too bad that not everyone appriciates the work that's been done behind the scenes.

From the 2019 season onwards, it looks like there will be two systems of Tricks Party competitions.

One will be using the classic way, a new one will have the tricks re-ordered into four groups and a some newer tricks added.

We will try to keep everyone informed about how and when. Keep an eye open for this website and pages  :-)

Good winds!



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