The Tricksparty world would not be the same if there wasn't a guy like Ricardo Asencio, who left us way too soon....

After the great competition in Portiragnes (France) in 2014, he had the idea that a lot pilots didn't knew how to execute some of the Tricksparty Tricks. While I was building up the multi-language trick list in words, Ricardo had the very good idea of putting all the tricks on video, but only in a perfect execution!
He was a very good pilot himself and his wife Maria could perform most tricks very well also. So he set out a project to gather videos from all over the world and let those judge by tricksparty judges and a couple of pilots. Only when they said "OK" the video would be edited in a useable form and published. After some Skype sessions and a lot of time on Facebook chat we got some basic ideas (kite starts and ends on two points for every trick). As you could see in this website, he did well. He was not so happy that he seemed to be the only one who provided good videos (next to Peter). It just shows how good a pilot he was.

He will be missed!

We'll always remember him and his smile  :-)

His work will be put away, we're are proud to be able to build onto his foundation and make this website the place to be if someone needs info about tricks and/or Tricksparty.

After all, it's the trick kite that connects us and that gave us such many wonderfull times!

So this website will forever carry your name, Ricardo!


 Here's the ballet he had for us in Portiragnes (France, 2014):

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