On Saturday June 8, an "open" French championship Tricks Party was planned (under the French name "Free Style").
After poor and late communication (again!) it turned out that only 2 pilots with a French license would participate in the competition (in addition to at least 10 foreigners). The French federation then decided not to let the event take place. Very disrespectful to the registered pilots, jury members and the organizer of the kite festival. For the spectators who saw a competition announced on the poster, it will be a damper to the joy, although the pilots present will certainly not fail to set up a show.

There are plenty of sports enthusiasts who can use a trick kite to fly tricks à la Tricks Party, so it should be easy to organize a real championship. The Tricks Party format has proven enough that the toppers can show beautiful things (think of demos by Richard Debray (France), Lars Fakkeldij (the Netherlands), Thorsten Axmann (Germany) or British Chris Goff).
There have also been regular competitions with more than 30 participants, just to mention Lommel and Stella Plage. Personal contact with the pilots could solve a lot, and regular communication as well. Now it is thought that a simple message on Facebook will suffice, while just now there are several people working less and less with such social situations, partly for privacy reasons.
With a passion for our sport, more is possible than just scraping a competition event, people would have to run out of their breath to get enough pilots together!
If you look at the fact that in the Netherlands and Belgium it is possible to organize competitions with a minimum of budget and a maximum of friendship and cooperation, we wonder why a federation like the French does not succeed.

Well, we are looking to the future. We know for sure that the pilots who attended previous competitions will not abandon the organizers of the kite festival in Bray-Dunes. They will all be present and show the best of themselves and their trick kite.
And will be talking about what to do next year, no doubt...

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