Welcome on the Tricksparty for pilots and judges website!

  Having Tricksparty experience since 2003, it's time to write down and show all the details pilots and judges should know when participating in a Tricksparty competition! Tricksparty is fun and a healthy way to spend your free time, standing out there in the wind :-)

Tricksparty is a competition format set up by Roger and Silvie Tessa-Gambassi, in the south of France way back in the early years 2000.

  In this website we will try to write down all you need to know about the tricks and scores, if you are a (would-be) pilot or judge. We'll show you videos and tell you what you need to do to get a better score or to be a fair judge. This is a community website, so if you have a good video of a trick, if you want to know more about Tricksparty or for whatever reason, use the contact form from the menu!

Those who want the tricklist to show up in their language, you can download the English .rtf file here: English text

Translate the file, tell me what language it is in and I'll put up the files with the videos in a short while.

At this time, Spanish and French are being worked on  :-)


All the tricks are here, but if you need a copy to take with you, download it here:  Tricklist 2015






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