Depending on local rules, a board meeting sets up a list of 10 tricks.

This list is called "The imposed tricks"

By having a set of 10 tricks that everyone knows, the pilots can practice these all year.

Each organizer can have his own set of imposed tricks, but it is advised to have the same list of 8 all over the world.

The judges can have a good idea of what to expect on competition day.

In a judge meeting just before competition starts, four tricks from the shortlist of 10 are picked out in function of the wind conditions.

In a pilots briefing the four tricks are announced in order and explained by the Field Director. Questions can be asked by the pilots if they are unsure about some trick. The running order is announced and published (so the pilots can go and see when they have to be ready). General rule is that a pilot is ready 2 pilots early. That means when a pilot is listed in the running order as #7, he should be ready when pilot #5 starts his turn. That way the competition can be run smoothly (we don't want the audience to stare at an empty competition field!)

Each pilot in turn has two minutes to perform the four imposed tricks, a second attempt for each is allowed when the pilot wants to.

Each trick starts when the pilot says "IN" and ends when the pilot says "OUT", that way the judges don't have to guess when the trick starts and there is no argument about the pilot doing something else.

As an example, here we have pilot Wouter Eskens flying the Imposed tricks for a competition:

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