To enter a competition, a pilot has to sign in with his ballet list.

That list may contain 2 lists of 9 tricks maximum (minimum 6), named list A and list B.

Each trick may be used only twice in a list.

Most pilots make a list for low to average wind speed and one list for higher winds.

Here's an example list from a pilot:


example ballet list
The e-mailaddress where the list is mailed to.

The competition where this ballet is going to be used

The pilots name as it will appear on the competition sheets

Two lists (one is enough, two is smart!)


Then the names of the tricks in the order they will be used

followed by the (difficulty group)





each organizer can have his own made system for signing in,

as long as the result is the same  ;-)


To give you an idea about a ballet, here's one flown by Nils Delacourt from Belgium with a self-made Le Quartz kite:

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