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540 Mutex


A flic-flac is done, starting with a pancake. When the kite gets in the Fade position, another pancake is executed which ends in a 540°. There is no pause between parts. The flic-flac movement may be done several times before executing the 540 part.

Key Elements:

Straight vertical line flic-flac. The 540 rotation is flat. Out is straight upwards. No pause between flic-flac and 540.

Judges view:

The key elements are easy to follow. The pancake-to-fade may be done several times. OUT is a straight line up.

Most common errors:

Flic-flac is not a vertical line. 540 Rotation isn't full. OUT is sideways and corrected during flight.


'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.


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