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Flic-Flac (pancake)


The trick begins from either a Fade or a Pancake. Each sequence consists of the start position, the transit to the other position and back (e.g. Fade to Pancake to Fade, or Pancake to Fade to pancake). The trick is at least 3 sequences. For an EXCELLENT score there have to be 5 sequences.

One sequence consists of a PANCAKE and a FADE. OUT can be anything that comes from the last position (e.g. could be a barrell roll or a 540), as long as it is clean and under controle.

Key elements:

Minimum three sequences. Constant speed and movement in one vertical line.

Parallel position to the ground in both PANCAKE and FADE. No over-rotating.

Judges view:

Speed and vertical line are the main things to look out for. IN and OUT are free, as long as they are controlled by the pilot.

Most common errors:

Changes in speed, sideways sliding, kite is not parallel to the ground.


the videos:

'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.

'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.

'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.


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