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The INSANE is initiated towards the top of the window, where the kite is snapped into a wingtip rotation and descends in a corkscrewing motion. The method and direction of the entry does not matter. As an imposed trick, the exit is flying out in any direction. As a ballet trick, it can be a landing as well.

Key elements:

Minimum three rotations. Constant speed and movement. Vertical (straight line) descent. Five rotations for EXCELLENT score.

Judges view:

Speed and vertical line are the main things to look out for, as well as the minimum 3 rotations. IN and OUT are free, OUT can't be a landing as an imposed trick.

Most common errors:

Changes in speed, sideways sliding, touching the ground.


'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.

'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.


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