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The SLOT MACHINE is a single 360° belly-down rotation initiated from a flare (belly down, nose away) that is entered from a horizontal line of flight. From a horizontal flight (nose pointing left or right), the kite is flared and then rotated on its belly a full 360°. If the kite is pointing left, the kite will rotate counterclockwise; if pointing right, it will rotate clockwise. The kite should exit the rotation at the same height and in the direction (left or right) of entry. Closer to the center of the wind window will score better.

Key elements:

Horizontal entry. Flat rotation. Horizontal exit. No loss of height.

Judges view:

The same altitude all the time. Flat rotation. Not close to the edge of the wind window.

Most common errors:

A drop in speed just before the flare (position in wind window). A visible pause in the flare. Uneven rotation.


The videos:

'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.

'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.

'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.

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