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Stop (snap stall)


The Stall is a snap of the kite from straight-line flight that stops it with the nose pointing up. The kite must remain in the stalled position for at least two seconds. Longer Stalls earn higher scores. Ideally the kite should sit perfectly upright, with no lean or wobble to left or right.

The direction of entry depends on:

  - Imposed tricks: horizontal flight.

  - In the ballet: horizontal or vertical.

Key elements:

Straight line for the entry. Held for minimum two seconds. Stability (nose-up and no pronounced tilt or wobble).

Judges view:

The kite should stop flying and be fixed on the spot. Stability is important, the pilot is allowed to walk/run to keep the kite steady.

Most common errors:

Not firm enough to stop the kite (it flies some distance before it stops), no straight line of flight. Overdoing the snap, the kite tends to fall into a turtle.


The videos:

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