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Rolling Cascade


The ROLLING CASCADE is a series of reversing half LAZY SUSAN rotations. The trick begins with an LAZY SUSAN, but the kite is pulled out of the rotation halfway through, and a LAZY SUSAN rotation in the opposite direction is initiated. The sequence is repeated back and forth in alternating directons. The method and direction of entry and exit do not matter.

Key elements:

Minimum three half rotations (e.g., right, left, right). Constant speed. Vertical (straight-line) descent. 5 half rotations for EXCELLENT.

Judges view:

Constant speed, no sideways drifting. Clean OUT.

Most common errors:

No 3 half rotations, drifting sideways.


'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.

'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.

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