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The YOFADE is a forward pitch YOYO with the lines wrapped around the leading edges and then the trailing edge. The trick is initiated with the kite flying downwards, then the nose is tilted up into and beyond the FADE position until it is in a FADE again, but with the lines wrapped once around the kite. The kite exits the trick by unrolling to unwrap the lines and flying straight down.

Key elements:

Clean roll-up and unroll on a vertical line. Wrapped fade held for minimum two seconds. OUT is a vertical line down!

Judges View:

No drifting sideways. The FADE stability for 2 seconds. Out is down.

Common Errors:

Fade sliding sideways. Flying OUT upwards or with another trick.


'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.

'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.



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