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Yofade Backspins


A YOFADE is done up to the point where the kite is in the fade position, then a BACKSPINS is executed (minimum 3 rotations), then the kite is rolled out downwards.

Key elements:

IN and OUT are vertical. OUT is downwards. Minimum 3 rotations.

Judges View:

No drifting sideways. The Backspin rotations are flat. Out is down, so the last backspin should be stopped in the FADE position.

Common Errors:

Backspins not on the spot and uneven speed. Flying OUT upwards or with another trick.


The video below gives a good idea of the trick. The IN of the Yoyo is as good as perfect. The fade must be stable, here it starts to wobble. The backspins (minimum 3 rotations) are ok. For this trick you have to stop the last backspin rotation in a Fade position and then fly OUT downwards. It is a group 5 trick!

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'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.





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